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Carrefour Campaign 2020 by Publicis Milan 

A love for food and cooking has always united Italians. It's our tradition; being together, sharing joys, emotions, and building relationships around the table. During Covid-19, we discovered how much it can bring us together, today more than ever.

The commercial is guided by the lyrics of True Colors by Cindy Lauper, in the touching interpretation of Ane Brun. It shows how, in this period, cooking with the family, or even dining on a video call has brought us together and made us closer. The ingredients, which appear on-screen like a shopping list, tell moments of sharing. Such instances reinforce the idea of ​​Carrefour being a brand that is close to Italians. Even in an emergency like this, Carrefour is committed to giving value to our daily moments, and it does so by bringing the quality of its products to our tables.

The commercial aired on all the Italian TV channels, in May 2020.


Agency: Publicis Milan

Client: Carrefour Italia


Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini



Associate Creative Director: Enrico Bellini

Associate Creative Director: Renzo Mati

ACD Art: Livio Gerosa

Copywriter: Margherita Teodori

Editor: Fabrizio Squeo

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