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BBC One: Informer


Informer in 60''
Socially Optimised Trail

Who is Raza?

Character Introduction Video
A Social Asset that showcases the new talent Raza Shar played by  Nabhaan Rizwan, the 21-year-old actor who has never appeared on television before.

New to BBC One, 'Informer' is a character-driven thriller about Raza, a young second-generation British-Pakistani man from London who is coerced by Gabe, a counterterrorism officer, into informing.


I was challenged with creating the social assets to engage the young audience and showcasing the show’s contemporary, fresh and youthful tone.


Alongside the clip-based TV trails, we have used social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to tease scenes from the show and extend our campaign narrative of snitching.


As urban culture bubbles into the mainstream, we were asked to challenge perceptions of BBC drama and turn it in a more modern, relevant and vital approach. 








Ashley Temple - Head of Digital

Margherita Teodori - Digital Creative  

Ceri Pashley - Designer

Carrie Hart - Producer​













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on Instagram Stories
Observe the scene and answer the question is an entertaining game that uses the question feature of Instagram and drives the users into the snatching world.

Word on the Tweet

Live tweets of episodes to establish conversation.

3 Reasons

to watch Informer

Critical Praise

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