L I F E   B O X E S

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There are births to celebrate and deaths to mourn, there are periods of great happiness and times of quiet reflection. There is - in their apparent being alike -


all chaos 



and splendor

of being differently alive. 

L I F E  B O X E S  is a concepting project that portrays condos, modern apartments blocks which "all look just the same".


However, behind the brutal architectonical concept that belongs to condos, there is still an intrigued eye, voyeur and fascinated by the diversity that lives behind the perfect grid.  


There, behind the windows, there is us, our stories, which are - despite the box - isolated and unique. 




podgorica, montenegro

tirana, albania

rome, italy

amsterdam, netherlands

bergen, norway

new york, u s a 

ischia, italy

madrid, la bella

new york, u s a

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

miami, florida

milano monumentale, italy

senigallia, italy

london, united kingdom 

badalona, spaign

london, united kingdom 

barcelona, spain

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