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Sanofi Campaign 2021 by Publicis Milan 

Buscofokus is the latest pill launched by Sanofi to help young women fight headaches.



How can we launch the new pharma product and catch the attention of the Gen Z young women?


We turned the traditional pharma commercial

into a commercial that has an aesthetically strong impact,

and draws from the world of fashion, through visual tricks

that appeal to a young, female audience

who's strongly attentive to current trends.

The commercial aired on all the Italian TV channels, in January 2021.


Agency: Publicis Italy

Client: Sanofi Italia



Publicis Italy

Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini



Associate Creative Director: Enrico Bellini

Associate Creative Director: Renzo Mati

Art Director: Thomas Aito

Copywriter: Margherita Teodori

Client Service Director: Federica Papetti
Account Director: Arianna Di Marco 
Account Manager: Roberta Di Ponzio 
Strategy Director: Ornella Ciot 
Social Media Manager: Saraluna Goodloe
Head of TV Production: Francesca Zazzera
TV Producer: Luana Strafile 

Production Company: Groenlandia 
Directors: Bonasia e Narcisi 
DOP: Emanuele Mestriner 
Post Production: Prodigious
Editor: Marcello Saurino
Color Grading: Daniel Palluca
Music: Sizzer – Michael Bertoldini
Mix Audio: Screenplay

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