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O U T !

OUT! is
about what each one of us felt like talking about, and it’s about the inside as much as about the outside.

There are stories and non-stories about homes, forests, cities, distant planets, videogames, dreams, illnesses, paranoia, and other stuff.

OUT! is
an editorial project inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron*’s fictional framework of storytelling.


[*The book tells of a group of young people, seven women and three men who for ten days in 1348 stayed outside Florence to escape the black plague that raged in the city at that time. To occupy the early afternoon hours, each of them came up with a story a day to entertain the others.]

OUT! is
a collection of our more or less weird texts created between March 22nd and April 5th, 2020, during the #Covid19 lockdown, by a few writers who were yearning for telling the last weeks of infinite and unhoped-for domestic freedom.

[from an idea by Clarissa Pelino, illustrated by Anna Garbarino]

W R I T E R S : 

Nicole Caputi
Simon Chabas
Romain Chapel
Charles Colle
Claudio de Cesare
Ludovica De Santis
Xhuliano Dule
Mikhail Ermac
Alfredo Fantetti
Anna Garbarino

Giovanni Labate
Olimpia Lamberti
Valerio Letizia
Mireia Lozano
Virgilio Mancini
Marcello Newman
Bonaventura Pacileo
Henry Paikin
Clarissa Pelino
Marie Pla

Augustin Quillet
Leila Saidi

Paul Salinier

Côme Salvaire

Margherita Teodori
Léo Teste

Simone Troiano
Alessandro Vitelli

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