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That's my Type:
The Typography Project

Featured on OBJECTS Mag.


Picking a font is hard. Picking a friend is easier. 


To help typeface choice, we went through a passionate research and we've translated the story of each font in illustrated human beings, with their way to look, talk and behave. We've considered typographical features, historical and cultural facts, curiosities and our feeling. 


We've created personas we think you would love to meet. 




Illustration by Mina Montelli









That's my type_V1.002.jpg

Mss. Futura

This is Me, Futura and I.
I’m awesome and I know it. Stanley Kubrick knew it. That’s why he made me a star."


Logos and advertising headlines, film and video. 

Mr. Impact

"You're not big sweety, you're not a bulky or a chunky kid - my daddy said - you were simply born to make an impact."

Headlines, posters, Internet MEMEs.

gill sans.png

Mrs. Gill Sans

"Like a 5:00 o'clock tea, served with an Italian crostata of fresh blueberries on a winter evening, I’m Gill, agreeable and accommodating. I enjoy being surrounded by genuine simplicity and real beauty."


Book blurbs, timetable, price lists.  

Comic Sans

"If you love me, you don’t know much about me. If you hate me, you really don’t know much about me either. 
There was a time I was cool— so cool, that I became uncool a few days after."

Comic books and children materials.

comic sans.png
black cooper.png

Mr. Black Cooper

"When I was a child, classmates bullied me for being chubby. They called my ‘a’ fat-face. I never really cared about them and just kept doing my things. I’m sure they would be surprised to know how popular I became in the 60s. "


Muddy and soft, headlines and advertisement.   

Mr. Bodoni

"I’m the guest everybody is waiting for. People go crazy just to shake my Italian hand. They describe me as authoritative. But I simply describe myself as an old-style guy, always on trend."

Rational and structured, headings and upmarket magazine printing.


Mrs. Didot

"L’art de la beauté c’est moi."


Neoclassical, elegant, evocative of the Age of Reason, headlines, display texts, fashion magazines.    

Mr. Trajan

"This is imperative:
Never use lower-case letters! All majestic things must be written in capitals!"

Solemn, monumental, imperial, movie posters, inscriptions, public buildings and government offices signs.


Mr. Univers

"This morning I’ve counted 106872 hairs on my head. That’s weird because yesterday there were 106873.
Hello! That’s me: Mr. Univers; better at numbers rather than names. Unsurprisingly enough, I work for the Deutsche Bank."

Geometric, scientific, signage.

Monsieur Garamond

"I hung out with a girl once. Then she left me. She said it was because I kept talking about my mom. I’ve been the public library keeper since the 16th century, but I’m still an attractive, cultured monsieur."

Traditional and modern, printing body text and books.


Mss. Helvetica

"I have great clarity, yet no intrinsic meaning. I’m elegant, polite and never inappropriate. Everybody loves me. I am doomed to be the lover of everybody, and the wife of nobody."


Neutral and resolute, signage and almost everywhere.  

Dr. Times New Roman

"I’m the type all mothers would love to have as their child. I’m the type all women cheat on because they say I’m tedious*."

Academic, book and general printing.

*tedious is the only adjective Times New Roman knows to say boring.

times new roman.png


"What’s up fam?
I’m a millennial and I stay woke by nature ;) I’m into technology AF. I’m the #GOAT. I’m bad. I’m boujee. Google me and you’ll find out how dope I am. Hundo P I’m the illest, Fasho."


Linear, intuitive, approachable writing.   

Mr. Din

"Yes Sir, General Din Sir!
Always in the service of the State Sir! The Dexter case ended Sir! We didn’t catch him Sir! Oops, I spoiled it."

Minimal, modern, traffic road signage, administrative and technical applications, modern design.

american typewriter.jpeg

American Typewriter

"Do you remember when the typewriter was still around? Every letter was typed— was permanent. You couldn’t delete your mistakes, but you could strike them out. I always did wonder if we could copy and paste. Maybe not, even if at some point, everybody put me on*."


Nostalgic, logos

*Referring to the “I LOVE NY” t-shirt worn by all of us.

Mss. Avenir

"I’m the future; or at least that’s how my mom explains my name. You can’t catch me, I’m graceful and fine. I’m the future you dream of when you are 40. I’m the future I dream about while working hard in Amsterdam, where I became the city’s identity."

Fine, light, agreeable, organic, extended texts.


Father Baskerville

"I pursue the ideals of perfection so much, that my first book took seven years of retouching before it was released, and it wasn’t even the Bible."


Old-style, conservative, luxuriant, books design, general printings, religious materials.

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