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Week 2

Each team is tasked with creating a brand new comic for 8-12 year olds, complete with an augmented reality cover, and pitch their creation to three major retailers.  

BBC One:

The Instapprentice


It took part in The Webby Awards 2019 for outstanding Social.

Digital & Social

Each year during The BBC’s Apprentice, the entire UK brags on social media that they could’ve done better than the business candidates on that week’s task.

This year, we finally gave them the chance to prove it with the most nonsensical, wild internship ever.


Introducing: The Instapprenticeship, the first internship living entirely on Instagram Stories. 


Spanning 12 weeks of the show with over 70 individual Stories, The Instapprenticeship gave people the chance to follow along live and try their own version of that week’s task. Using both the limitations and functionality of the Stories format (press-and-hold, tap-for-next-story, 15 second length) as well as beautiful illustration and animation, we gamified Instagram in a whole new way. 


The social series had massive reach and success on the BBC One Instagram account of nearly half a million followers, working  hard to pull in new and younger audiences and reintroduced The Apprentice in a completely new light. 









Laurent Simon - ECD

Mina Patel - CD

Ashley Temple - Head of Digital

Emma Brooke - Digital Creative and Copywriter 

Margherita Teodori - Digital Creative

Charlie McQuade - Digital Creative

Craig Dolan - Illustrator



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Week 3

Both teams find themselves making luxury donuts, each coming up with three different varieties, before selling their creations to a corporate client and passing trade.

Week 4
Bodybuilding Expo

Heading for a bodybuilding expo in Birmingham, both teams each select a high-end product and fitness service, selling their choices to visitors at the show.  

Week 5
Shoe Design

Each team is tasked to create a brand new range of female shoe, before hosting an event to market their product to potential customers.

Week 6 

Airline Advertising

Budget airlines are the basis of the next task, as each team creates a brand new one, complete with TV advert and crew uniform design, before pitching their concept to industry experts.  

Week 7
Urban Gardening

Lord Sugar assigns each team to run an urban gardening service, securing jobs around London, including a corporate client, and managing their costs while ensuring their handiwork is satisfactory to their customers.

Week 8
Glasgow Art

Both teams head to Glasgow to represent artists, with each team showcasing their choice's artwork in their own gallery, selling pieces for commissions, alongside making sales with artwork-branded gifts during their exhibition.  

Week 9
TV Selling

Lord Sugar gives each team an airtime slot on a shopping channel, in which upon selecting a choice of products before their broadcast, they must sell their selection to potential customers viewing the channel.

Week 10
Christmas Chocolate

Both teams find themselves tasked with producing a brand new range of Christmas chocolates, with each pitching their creations to retailers with a unique presentation style.  

Week 11


After facing ten tasks as teams, the five remaining candidates now compete as individuals in their next task – a series of tough, gruelling interviews with four of Lord Sugar's most trusted associates.

Week 12
The Final

After facing a multitude of business tasks and a tough interview, the two finalists, aided by old friends, face the task of presenting their business proposal to an audience of business and industry experts, detailing key areas in it – its name, its goals, its target market, and its business structure.  

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