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Socially Optimised Trail to drive excitement and anticipation for series 5.

BBC One: Luther S5


The architecture of Luther is pain. 


The pain of love. The pain of divorce. The pain of betrayal. The pain of obsession. The emotional pain that authors murderers and the pain that befalls their victims.


Fear, anger, despair, envy, love and hate - it’s all pain and it’s something we all share.


We’ve all seen the physical violence of Luther’s world. We know it. So this time we study the emotional struggle, his inner damage that, in this series, might just break him.


This Will Hurt is a statement about the heart of the show, the journey of the characters and a warning to the audience.



I was challenged with coming up with social assets ideas to drive excitement and anticipation for series 5, fuel existing fandom and drive buzz, and intrigue around Luther to encourage new audiences to catch up on the story to date, ready for series 5.​







Laurent Simon - ECD

Mina Patel - CD

Mathew Rees - Creative and Promo Director

Margherita Teodori - Digital Creative

Hywel Williams - Designer 

Liz Dolan - Producer 

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Social Teaser

Alongside the clip-based TV trails, we used social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to tease scenes from the show, focus on those that extend our campaign narrative of pain.

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Social Recap

A clip based video that features the more relevant moments of Luther to remind and reignite excitement in existing audiences, but also to encourage new audiences to catch up on the story to date, ready for series 5.

Unlike conventional narrative series recaps we cut out most of the story and left the emotions - every single bit that hurts. 

Every scream punch and tear. Every moment of emotional collapse, love, lust and anger slams together to create a mesmeric, pain fuelled recap that’s utterly magnetic, impossible to stop watching and brings lapsed viewers up to speed by showing the key narrative beats and emotional extremes of the series.

Meet Alice Morgan


Alice Morgan, played by Ruth Wilson, is a research scientist with a genius-level IQ.

She is a genius, but also a psychopath obsessed with Luther. 


Her controversial personality brought her to be one of the most loved characters, able to generate a lot of talkability on social platforms.


So we've combined the best tweets from fans with Alice best clips to come up with a social asset entirely dedicated to her.


How well do you know Luther?

Game: Test your knowledge 


An entertaining quiz that uses the Instagram features to challenges the users to find out how much they know about Luther previous series and so drive them to iPlayer, to catch up and get ready for Series 5. 


Introducing the New Characters

Asset captured to introduce the other key players of the Series 5: Dr Jeremy Lake and his wife Vivien.


We aimed to show how psychological gripping is a strong component in the coming series.


We also included a flash frame of Jeremy masked alter ego to highlight the duality of the character.


In this light, the line This Will Hurt, becomes a promise to the audience. They are to be feared.



We hid a preview of the coming series 5 and we gave a 'secret code' to the fans to find it.  


Everybody loves MEMEs




Sometimes, the best content is the one generated by fans. So we collected the funniest comments and we turned them into social posts.

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